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garnered acclaim
  • obtuvo la aclamación
  • obtuvo elogios

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He oversees a $6.5 billion academic medical center and health system that has garnered acclaim for its clinical advances both nationally and internationally.
While the song has already topped the charts, it has garnered acclaim for the way it has been used in the film.
Over the course of the year, the telenovella garnered acclaim among critics and fans alike.
She's long been pursuing that same raw purity, and along the way has garnered acclaim and respectable sales.
They don't rely on having other players assist or hinder you throughout the adventure, and have all garnered acclaim just for being great games.
It has also garnered acclaim at several film festivals around the world.
But she later garnered acclaim from the trans community and beyond, and is now considered one of the year's gutsiest trans activists.
His pieces -- installations, rock sculptures and limited-edition designs -- have garnered acclaim and are displayed at prestigious galleries worldwide.

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