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gas burner
  • quemador de gas

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A flame is actually silent whether it is produced by a wood fire or a gas burner.
A gasifier takes time unlike a gas burner, so initially, we had problems with people who were used to using a gas or diesel burner.
Another table offered a buffet including an artfully presented salad, and, warming over a gas burner, chicken schnitzel.
Daibo roasts every last batch of coffee himself in a hand-cranked roaster set over a gas burner.
Here, the soldiers make coffee in tin cups over a gas burner.
In the kitchen, a kettle of hot tea, or chai, boils over a gas burner.
The structure appeared to be made of mainly zinc boards and there was a bed, utensils, a gas burner and clothes on it.
Barbecues aren't just for grilling, particularly if you have one of those fancy numbers with a gas burner on the side.
My wife of 30-plus years is left-handed and always leaves the kettle on the gas burner the wrong way round for a right-hander.

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