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gas drilling
  • perforación de gas

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All of our concerns that we have, about the climate, about health, about democracy, they apply to any form of oil and gas drilling.
The partisan gap is as wide in views of allowing more offshore oil and gas drilling (31 points).
There also is a gender gap in views of offshore oil and gas drilling.
As of now, only preliminary studies have been done, most of which find a connection -- albeit inconclusive -- between health problems and natural gas drilling.
Pittsburgh's city council has unanimously voted to ban natural gas drilling.
They were interested in leasing land owned by his family to do natural gas drilling.
State leaders deemed the project important for growth of the gas drilling industry and the struggling gas processing industry.
The gas drilling industry has sought to limit the disclosure of information about its operations to researchers.
When oil and gas drilling bumps up next to homes and communities, there are tensions.
Yet, a long-term systematic study of the adverse effects of gas drilling on communities has yet to be undertaken.

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