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gas escape
  • escape de gas

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The external sphincter is therefore released and the gas escapes.
There are plenty of videos online showing dead whales erupting into fountains of guts when they're sliced into and the gas escapes.
The scientists realized they had an even bigger problem on their hands, the natural gas escaping from the crater.
Volcanic mountains mark the places where these gases escape.
For most creatures, the gases escape through the natural openings and the skin can split open to release the rest.
The plant's sulphur recovery unit failed again and an unknown amount of the gas escaped through a flare stack.
The ground beneath them collapsed and the gas escaped.
If the carcass can fill with water and gasses escape, it may sink?

Context sentences for "gas escape" in Spanish

EnglishJudging from the press, we can by no means be sure that this year we will escape the gas crisis, which is becoming a regular fixture.
A juzgar por la prensa, bajo ningún concepto podemos garantizar que este año escaparemos de la crisis del gas, que se está convirtiendo en algo habitual.

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