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gas export
  • exportación de gas

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Bintulu is the location of a large liquefied natural gas export terminal.
The unit oversees projects including a liquefied natural gas export terminal, oil and gas fields, offshore drilling and oilsands.
The project will include a floating production vessel, production wells and a gas export pipeline.
Labor's policy is based on the false premise that a successful gas export industry somehow threatens domestic supply.
The pipes will be dedicated to production flowlines and gas export line.
They are integrated free zones with various free zone enterprises and none deals in oil and gas export.
Now companies are proposing and building natural gas export facilities around the country with the production boom expected to continue.
There are currently 15 liquefied natural gas export projects under construction in the province.
The gulf state is also home to the world's biggest liquefied natural gas export industry.
One final consideration is to have an audit of natural gas export policy every five years.

Context sentences for "gas export" in Spanish

EnglishMy group asks the Commission and the Council why we do not export these gas-fired surplus power-stations to the Ukraine where they can soon be supplying electricity.
Mi Grupo pregunta a la Comisión y al Consejo por qué no exportamos nuestras centrales eléctricas de combustión de gas a Ucrania, donde podrían suministrar energía en poco tiempo.
EnglishRussia claims it cannot export gas because Ukraine will not transport it, and Ukraine claims it has no gas to export because the Russians have switched the transit route.
Rusia asegura que no puede exportar gas porque Ucrania no quiere transportarlo, y Ucrania asegura que no tiene gas que exportar porque los rusos han cambiado la ruta de tránsito.

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