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gas filled
  • llenado de gas
  • gas lleno

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As tear gas filled the air, the swarm of protestors--most of them peaceful in nature--continued back into the core of downtown.
The town's streets were strewn with rubble and the stench of gas filled the town and raised fears of explosions.
Man-of-wars have no independent means of propulsion and either drift on the currents or catch the wind with their gas filled floats.
Gas filled function is present in such stands that help in lifting the bike at required height levels.
Scintillators dominate the gas filled detectors market for defense and homeland security due to their ability to detect radiation at micro levels.
If you're not the original owner of your home, you might not know whether your windows are gas filled.
The residents are advised to be careful while using the gas filled cylinders.?
The smell of human excrement and teargas filled the air as the students were forced to retreat.
The bike handles well with its gas filled shock absorber and its diamond frame adds rigidity to the bike.

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