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gas-fired power
  • energía alimentada por gas
  • energía a gas

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Furthermore, gas-fired power plants do not necessarily have to be near the shoreline.
Gas-fired power plants are under construction or planned in different parts of the country.
Gas turbines are primarily used in gas-fired power plants; these plants include an internal combustion engine, wherein the fuel is mixed with air, causing ignition.
After the consortium modified its bid documents, its per kilowatt gas-fired power cost came down to $657 and furnace oil-based cost to $644.
Renewable energy is less obedient than a coal- or gas-fired power plant -- you can't just fire up a solar farm if demand spikes suddenly.
The battery storage and gas-fired power plant is part of the government's $550 million energy plan.
The stability of the grid is dependent on sufficient coal or gas-fired power stations.
One would think that this enormous human health benefit, plus the fact that gas-fired power halves greenhouse-gas emissions, would see environmental activists cheering.
So gas-fired power stations are one important way to prevent blackouts.
Even the best of the high-efficiency, low-emission plants emit far more carbon into the atmosphere than gas-fired power stations.

Context sentences for "gas fired power" in Spanish

EnglishIn that case, the only electricity we shall have will come from gas-fired power stations.
En este caso sólo tendremos electricidad con centrales de gas.
EnglishThis is almost twice as much as a conventional gas-fired power station.
Las centrales de PCEC tienen un rendimiento del 80 al 90 % y eso casi duplica al de una central de gas convencional.
EnglishIn the end, financial motivations will lead to a Europe covered with gas-fired power stations, which is already the case in Great Britain.
Por último, las razones financieras harán que Europa se dote únicamente de centrales de gas, cosa que ya ocurre en Gran Bretaña.
EnglishFavouring the short term, investments giving the quickest profit will be favoured, namely gas-fired power stations, to the detriment of other sources of energy.
Al privilegiar el corto plazo, las inversiones más rápidamente rentables saldrán beneficiadas, es decir, las centrales de gas en detrimento de otras fuentes de energía.
EnglishThe transportation costs are the same, while a gas-fired power station, on the other hand, pays for itself much more quickly, for much lower sums invested.
Los costes portuarios de transporte son los mismos, mientras que una central de gas se amortiza, en cambio, con mucha mayor rapidez y supone unas inversiones mucho menos importantes.

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