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gas gauge
  • medidor de gas

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Nobody looks down at a gas gauge and goes' oh good.
The gas gauge in your car, and the icon on your favorite digital device showing battery power.
I put 25 dollars in this morning and my gas gauge read half a-tank.
I'm not young anymore, but looking at my gas gauge is one of the biggest downers of my day.
People with conventional cars tend to fill them up, run them until the gas gauge gets low, and then fill them again.
Imagine a gas gauge -- all the way to the left is a blank piece of paper, all the way to the right is a fully complete musical score.
When your car's gas gauge is acting up or you seem to be running out of gas faster than usual, it's probably time to replace your fuel gauge sender.
There's nobody around; you're looking at your gas gauge and thinking of your money.
The 500 had no air conditioning system, no radio, and no gas gauge.

Context sentences for "gas gauge" in Spanish

Englishexhaust gas temperature gauge

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