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gas-guzzling cars
  • coches tragadores de gas
  • coches que desbozan de gas

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Car manufacturers who import electric cars into the country pay a 25% tax levy compared to gas-guzzling cars, which are taxed 18%.
How many gas-guzzling cars with a single occupant do you see during rush hour?
Of course, we will be stuck with gas-guzzling cars for quite some time to come.
With prices soaring at the pump, old gas-guzzling cars are a rare sight on the roads these days.
Young isn't the only environmentally aware human being bemoaning the cost to the earth of motoring's reliance on fossil fuels and gas-guzzling cars.
Though they eschew gas-guzzling cars, many welcome other forms of modern tech, owning cell phones and laptops and maintaining social networking accounts.
Wander around the paddock at any motorsport event, and you'll find hundreds of gas-guzzling cars owned by the people rich enough to endulge in such a sport.
This delights those who believe owners of electric and self-driving vehicles will need to pay into the fund just as those who drive gas-guzzling cars.

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