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gas mileage
  • kilometraje de gas
  • Gasolina

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Proper tire inflation in a car could amount to about 3.3% better gas mileage.
You'll buy a car that gets better gas mileage, but you won't save any money on gasoline.
It's getting easier for drivers to know how their driving affects their gas mileage.
Fast for its time but got decent gas mileage, probably around 16 mpg for that big car.
Aside from the really awesome gas mileage, it's quiet, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing.
I'm in awe at how quiet they are and how good they are for the environment and on gas mileage.
It destroys machinery, cars get less gas mileage, and it takes more energy to produce than it puts out.
If it's not replaced, gas will evaporate from the car and decrease its gas mileage.
Critics also like its roomy seats and competitive gas mileage, rated at 26 in city driving, 34 on the highway.
A hybrid-electric car uses a battery and electric engine to increase gas mileage, lowering emissions and fuel consumption.

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