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gas operations
  • operaciones de gas

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Historically, landowners and ranchers have been friendly to leasing their land for oil and gas operations.
It also said it plans to sell oil and gas operations, excluding lab ops.
Methane is the main component of natural gas, and studies show some methane escapes from leaky oil and gas operations.
More than 25 percent of the country's approximately 700,000 injection wells handle produced water from oil and gas operations.
The protesters, however, are demanding an end to all new oil and gas operations.
Groat says groundwater contamination in some areas probably can be traced to natural sources that were present before the onset of shale gas operations.
Particulate matter is most commonly associated to adverse birth outcomes, and is commonly released into the surrounding air during tight oil and shale gas operations.
The firm, which recently raised $1.5 billion in an issue of dollar bonds, may make further borrowings to fund investment in its shale gas operations.
This is a very natural fit for our company as we continue to grow and consolidate natural gas operations in the region.
Several states said a request that companies provide information on methane emissions at oil and gas operations was an extra burden on businesses.

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