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gas plant
  • planta de gas

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Even compared to an efficient combined-cycle natural gas plant, burning wood pellets emits 78 per cent fewer emissions.
What should have happened is at the natural gas plant, the alarms should have gone off, and we should have been notified.
However, not everyone was convinced a liquefied natural gas plant would be safe.
If you look around the gas plant, you will see that we have drawn lines that are empty.
A committee dominated by the two opposition parties started investigating the gas plant cancellations.
Villagers found his lifeless body outside a local gas plant.
The input costs are basically nil, while the input costs for a gas plant are volatile.
A billion dollars wasted on a gas plant -- billions more handed out to corporations on grants and subsidies....
Lithium batteries can provide the same service as a peaking gas plant only better.
He had fixed up the room himself, installing a 30-gallon iron tank, a carbide gas plant and a kinematograph developing machine.

Context sentences for "gas plant" in Spanish

Englishnatural-gas processing plant
EnglishI would like to quote the International Energy Agency: 'In many regions, gas-fired plant sets the price of electricity a significant proportion of the time.
Cito las palabras de la Agencia Internacional de la Energía: "En muchas regiones, son las centrales cuyo combustible es el gas las que fijan el precio de la electricidad la mayor parte del tiempo.
EnglishThe German second allocation plan has a hidden agenda – not to allow gas power plant investment in Germany, because that is exactly what those four big companies are afraid of.
Así, el segundo plan alemán de asignaciones tiene un programa oculto: no permitir las inversiones en centrales de gas en Alemania, que son exactamente lo que temen esas cuatro grandes compañías.

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