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But now that he owns one, he's so enamoured of the vehicle that he'd never consider going back to a gas-powered car.
Cruising the city streets wasn't much different from being in a gas-powered car.
Fuel-cell cars offer the range of a gas-powered car, and their tanks can be filled with compressed hydrogen in just a few minutes.
Long term experiments driving over 100,000 km using a wood gas-powered car energy consumption is found to be 1.54 time higher than when the same car used gasoline.
The major change this year was that the driver needed to be seated in an upright position, like a normal gas-powered car.
Experts agree consumers will never fully embrace electric vehicles until they can travel as far as a gas-powered car on a single charge.
And it still costs exponentially less to operate than a comparable gas-powered car (about $8 of electricity for a full 250-mile "tank").
The average gas-powered car converts only 12.6 percent of gasoline's energy into work.
So jumping in a gas-powered car to go protest does not make them hypocrites.

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