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gas shells
  • depósitos de gas
  • cáscaras de gas

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Later in the evening, police resorted to firing several rounds of tear gas shells to disperse bandh supporters at some places.
Later, police used force and also tear gas shells to bring situation under control.
Mobs from both the communities had come out on the roads, forcing the police to lob 18 tear gas shells to disperse the rioters.
Police had to use tear gas shells to control the situation.
Police have used water canons and tear gas shells to control the mob.
Police rushed to the scene and fired tear gas shells to disperse the angry mob.
The police resorted to lathicharge, tear gas shells and fired in the air.
To control the crowd, the police resorted to lathicharge and tear gas shells and finally opened fire.
Police fired teargas shells and resorted to lathicharge at some places.
To bring the situation under control, police resorted to bursting teargas shells and lathicharge, a senior police official said.

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