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gas stream
  • flujo de gas
  • corriente de gas

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According to astronomers, one consequence of the added length of the gas stream is that it must be older.
Good dispersion of the reagents in the gas stream is also more difficult to achieve in long wet and long dry kilns.
One consequence of the added length of the gas stream is that it must be older, the astronomers say.
Processed water from the gas stream is transferred to the water hub for treatment, where it is blended with fresh water and reused in subsequent completion programs.
The effectiveness of the system depends primarily on the dispersion of the reagents within the gas stream.
There's nothing particularly unusual about these galaxies other than the gas stream, so there's nothing to suggest that they would be more susceptible to accretion than any other galaxies.
The fly ash (also particulate matter) is removed from the flue gas stream (exhaust gases from the boiler) by means of electrostatic precipitators or bag filter systems.
By routing these gasses through a turbine instead of straight out the tailpipe, the energy in the exhaust gas stream is used to drive, or spin, the turbocharger.
They are removed from the gas stream before the gaseous combustion products are treated and removed.
One other negative to turbocharging; the turbine in the gas stream muffles the exhaust noise so in general supercharged cars are noisier in a more interesting way than turbocharged vehicles.

Context sentences for "gas stream" in Spanish

EnglishWe know that Russia is pressing for Nord Stream, the gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
Sabemos que Rusia está presionando a favor del Nord Stream, el gasoducto del Mar Báltico.
EnglishConstruction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline is a clear example of this.
Un claro ejemplo de esto es la construcción del gasoducto Nord Stream.
EnglishAs a Member from Poland, I see many parallels between South Stream and the Nord Stream Baltic Gas Pipeline.
Como diputada de Polonia, detecto muchos paralelismos entre South Stream y el gasoducto báltico North Stream.
EnglishDiversification is taken to mean the construction of the South and Nord Stream gas pipelines, for example.
Por ejemplo, la diversificación viene a significar la construcción de los gaseoductos de los proyectos South Stream y Nord Stream.
EnglishSimilar goings-on are taking place in the south of Europe, in connection with Gazprom's next venture, namely the South Stream gas pipeline.
En el sur de Europa se están dando casos similares, esta vez en relación con el próximo proyecto de Gazprom, el gasoducto South Stream.
EnglishMr President, I would also like to congratulate Slovenia on this day and to ask a question about this so-called North Stream gas pipeline.
Señor Presidente, yo también quiero felicitar a Eslovenia en esta fecha y plantear una pregunta acerca del llamado gasoducto North Stream.
EnglishIt is curious that the author 'failed to notice' the South Stream gas pipeline, yet mentions the controversial and not fully funded Nabucco project.
Es curioso que el autor no reparara en el gasoducto South Stream, aunque menciona el proyecto Nabucco, polémico y no financiado totalmente.
English. - (FI) I strongly support the environmental impact assessment for the Nord Stream gas pipeline proposed in the Committee's report.
por escrito. - (FI) Apoyo plenamente la evaluación de impacto medioambiental para el gasoducto Nordstream propuesto en el informe de la comisión.
EnglishHungary is to build the gas pipeline 'Blue Stream' in cooperation with the Russian Gazprom.
Hungría construirá con la empresa rusa Gazprom el gasoducto "Energía azul", que empezará en Turquía y cruzará Bulgaria y Rumanía.
EnglishThe summit may be crucial in deciding whether the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic will become a reality.
Así pues, la Cumbre quizá revista una importancia crucial para decidir si se hará realidad el gasoducto de Nord Stream desde Rusia a Alemania pasando por el Báltico.
EnglishSecondly, we do not approve of the anti-European dividing line, which of course, the third country is implementing in the 'Nord Stream' gas pipeline project.
En segundo lugar, no aprobamos la línea divisoria antieuropea, que sin duda el tercer país está trazando en el proyecto del gasoducto "Nord Stream".
EnglishMr Schröder first signed an agreement with Russia concerning construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, and then took a post on the company's governing board.
El señor Schröeder firmó primero un acuerdo con Rusia para la construcción del gasoducto Stream Nord y, posteriormente, se hizo con un puesto en el consejo de la empresa.
EnglishThe fruit of these activities is the joint German-Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline project and the offer to include Russia in the European security system proposed by Nicolas Sarkozy.
El fruto de estas actividades es el proyecto conjunto germano-ruso del gasoducto Nord Stream y el ofrecimiento de incluir a Rusia en el sistema de seguridad europeo propuesto por Nicolas Sarkozy.