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gas well
  • pozo de gas

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It takes about 15 such pumps to frack a gas well, and many more for oil wells.
It's redefined why we would drill a gas well.
The group defined an active drilling area as within one kilometer, or about six tenths of a mile, from a gas well.
We know a local lady who lives within 200 metres of a gas well.
First if this was naturally occurring the concentrations should be about the same for all wells regardless of their distance from the gas well.
This is the cost of moving energy from the gas well, tanker or power station to your meter via the national energy grids and networks.
Why was this woman not complaining, or suffering, prior to the drilling of the gas well?
At almost every stage of developing and operating an oil or gas well, chemicals and compounds can be introduced into the environment.
Percentage depletion allowance: lets companies deduct the costs of an oil or gas well, about 15 percent, from its taxes.
Structurally, a disposal well is the same as an oil or gas well.

Context sentences for "gas well" in Spanish

EnglishThis includes data about oil and natural gas infrastructures, as well as for renewable energy sources.
Esto incluye los datos sobre las infraestructuras del petróleo y el gas natural, así como de las fuentes renovables de energía.
EnglishHungary has some limited natural resources (bauxite, coal, and natural gas), as well as fertile soils and arable land.
Hungría posee recursos naturales en cantidades limitadas (bauxita, carbón y gas natural), así como fértiles suelos y tierras de labor.
EnglishGiven the current conditions in energy security, we absolutely need a well-functioning gas and electricity market in Europe.
Dadas las condiciones actuales de seguridad energética, necesitamos a toda costa un mercado de gas y electricidad que funcione correctamente en Europa.
EnglishI think it is about time that we discussed whether we put biogas and natural gas as well, which is the best way of boosting the volumes we need.
Es hora de que debatamos si debemos añadir también biogás y gas natural, y cuál es la mejor manera de incrementar los volúmenes necesarios.
EnglishRecording market principles in writing may provide a good basis during the negotiation of future long-term gas supply contracts as well.
Registrar los principios de mercado por escrito puede ofrecer una buena base durante la negociación de los futuros contratos de suministro de gas a largo plazo.
EnglishI am expecting a strategy for improving the gas supply directive, as well as a draft common energy policy to be proposed in the very near future.
Espero que, en un futuro cercano, se proponga una estrategia para mejorar la directiva de suministro de gas, y que se elabore una política energética común.
EnglishIf we are to continue to make progress with liberalisation, we cannot forget one key element: the public service role of electricity - and gas as well, although on a different level.
Si hay que seguir avanzando en la liberalización, no podemos olvidarnos de un elemento clave: la función de servicio público de la electricidad -también del gas, aunque a otro nivel-.
EnglishLadies and gentlemen, your vote on electricity will have an important influence on developments towards opening the internal market, not only for electricity but for natural gas as well.
Señorías, su voto sobre la electricidad repercutirá sustancialmente en la evolución de la apertura del mercado interior, tanto en el ámbito de la electricidad como del gas natural.
EnglishWe are talking in the short term about the application of paragraph 4 of Article 6 which refers to containers for the transport of class 2 gas, as well as the corresponding tanks.
Se trata de la aplicación, a corto plazo, del apartado 4 del artículo 6 en lo que se refiere a los recipientes de transporte de gas de la clase segunda, así como a las cisternas correspondientes.

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