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gaseous emissions
  • emisiones gaseosas

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It's a welcome piece of encouraging news after so many scientists have targeted ruminant livestock as key contributors to global warming, due to their gaseous emissions.
Recent years have seen ruminant livestock targeted by many scientists as key contributors to global warming, as a result of their gaseous emissions.
The difficulty is we not only need to control particles, we also need to be able to control some of the gaseous emissions.
That is what has to be addressed to fully understand the sources and control of gaseous emissions.
The use of methanol offers significant environmental benefits due to the reduced gaseous emissions to the atmosphere.
The principals behind emulsion fuels are certainly in the spotlight, especially when gaseous emissions and tightening compliance limits are in force and stricter limits are lurking around the corner.
The team noticed an "extra" source of gaseous emissions from carbon monoxide molecules that the scientists could not explain, and noted changes in the position of the gas over time.
According to him, the program was part of the military's efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and high gaseous emissions in the metropolis.
The report noted there were no deaths or injuries, and there were no harmful gaseous emissions.
The team also noticed gaseous emissions and believed that it was methane gas.

Context sentences for "gaseous emissions" in Spanish

EnglishMr President, I could not fail to vote in favour of this important report by Mr Lange on reducing emissions of gaseous pollutants.
Después de escuchar y observar al Sr. Lange, el Sr. Berlusconi ha declarado que había preparado una película en la que le veía como protagonista.
EnglishWe need to know what progress has been made on noise emissions, gaseous emissions, and indeed on fuel economy.
Necesitamos saber que progresos se han hecho en cuanto a las emisiones de ruido, a las emisiones de gases y, ciertamente, respecto de la economía de los carburantes.
English   Mr President, I could not fail to vote in favour of this important report by Mr Lange on reducing emissions of gaseous pollutants.
   Señor Presidente, no podía dejar de votar a favor de este importante informe del Sr. Lange sobre la reducción de las emisiones de gases contaminantes.
EnglishNonetheless, the reduction of these noise or gaseous emissions must be limited to the commendable search for technical solutions that are to everyone's advantage.
Sin embargo, la reducción de estas emisiones sonoras o de gases debe estar limitada a una loable búsqueda de soluciones técnicas que sean provechosas para todos.
EnglishThe Parliament has, on many occasions, had laid before it problems relating to the environment in general and to gaseous emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect in particular.
En reiteradas ocasiones, el Parlamento ha tratado sobre los problemas relativos al medio ambiente, en general, y a las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, en particular.

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