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gaseous form
  • forma gaseosa

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Harvesting electricity from salt water rainbow squid seems potentially dangerous as electrolysis of water can produce hydrogen and oxygen in gaseous form, both of which are explosive gasses.
Hydrogen is not stored in the metal hydride in gaseous form, but is absorbed into the material's crystal structure.
In gaseous form, the ammonia travels along the panel, condensing into liquid to dump waste heat out into space.
It is like you need to float around the house, do nothing, and exist in gaseous form, if you were to obey her every demand.
It is thought hormonal changes, triggered by the need to care for the larvae, within the female beetle lead to the release of the chemical in gaseous form.
The observation of methanol in the gas phase, combined with information about its distribution, implies that methanol formed on the disc's icy grains, and was subsequently released in gaseous form.
When respiration breaks down solid matter, most of it is released in gaseous form, as carbon dioxide and water vapor.
Since it is in a gaseous form, it is harmful for health.
Under high pressure, the gas is compressed into a liquid that when pumped into the soil spreads rapidly in a gaseous form.
Horizon's products are designed to be used conveniently and safely -- since they do not require hydrogen to be transported in its explosive, gaseous form -- from day one.

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