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gasoline pump
  • bomba de gasolina

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So the price decline has not been as steep for airlines as it has for consumers at the gasoline pump.
The most obvious example of dynamic prices is at the gasoline pump, where prices change almost daily.
The tax reached $30 per tonne of carbon emissions -- about seven cents per litre at the gasoline pump -- in 2012, but it has not been increased since.
Will we see higher prices at the gasoline pump, or lower prices when we pick up a bag of chips?
Albertans will pay the direct costs of the tax at the gasoline pump and on their home heating bills.
It endeavors to influence those choices, specifically with the goal of convincing municipalities to require climate change warning labels on gasoline pumps.
The store's gasoline pumps were on target, though.
The rectangle-shaped building sits in front of a row of 16 gasoline pumps, all under cover.
The gasoline pumps -- which in those days held a 10-gallon reservoir in the tank -- spilled their fuel.
Vintage gasoline pumps, toy cars and other memorabilia line the walls of his office.

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