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gasoline sales
  • venta de gasolina
  • ventas de gasolina

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The company employs 140 specialized reps handling 200,000 business accounts for diesel and gasoline sales.
Then there is the core retail sales, excluding auto and gasoline sales.
The main contributor was reduced spending at the gas stations, which saw a 3% slide in gasoline sales.
There would be a corresponding increase of $17 million in gasoline sales.
Unlike cars, many of which run on diesel, motorcycles all run on gasoline and accounted for more than 60 percent of all gasoline sales in 2013.
Supermarket and gasoline sales paid by debit cards doubled in the wake of controls; usage in the countryside tripled, he said.
In 2007, the gross gasoline sales were 1.6 billion litres.
Lower gasoline sales due to a decline in the average sales price per gallon were offset by higher sales in other products.
She fears it will limit boat traffic, which drives gasoline sales, shopping and dining.
Profit margins on gasoline sales are razor thin; to make their operations work, station owners need to sell copious quantities of gas, and they need to offer more.

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