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gasoline station
  • gasolinera
  • estación de gasolina

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A similar modus was reported in the case of a 14-year old student who managed to escape when the van stopped at a gasoline station.
Firefighters rushed to control the growing blaze since the area was beside a gasoline station.
Garcia said there is also a gasoline station, which does not have the necessary permits, inside the terminal.
There's a temporary station already in place, which works just like a gasoline station.
Back in the 1960s, it had a gasoline station and an icemaking plant.
The men on motorcycle had overtaken them as they reached a gasoline station and nearly ran over a child.
Two vehicles wanting to gas up at the gasoline station were not barred by an operative despite a police cordon.
The construction of the gasoline station is finished, but it has no fire lane, and its entrance is rather narrow compared to other gasoline stations built on corner lots.
Aside from a farm, the victim also owns a bakery and a gasoline station in the area.
Drive to a safer place such as a gasoline station to ask for help.

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