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"gate opening" in Spanish

gate opening
  • apertura de puerta
  • apertura de la puerta

Context sentences for "gate opening" in English

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Long before 6am, the gate opening time, a long line of vehicles had assembled.
It is set behind a walled and wrought iron railing frontage with timber five-bar field gate opening onto a large sweeping driveway.
As the woman started to open her front door she heard her gate opening and was rushed by two women.
The rear lift gate opening has been enlarged in every dimension for greater cargo flexibility.
Some sort of swing themselves across the room, like a gate opening and closing.
The couple wanted (and got) a theatre room, sound systems, intercoms, lighting controls, in-house sprinklers and an electric gate opening to the driveway.
On the west part of the wall there is an opening where a gate opening that would have been the access into and out of the area.
New gate opening time of 2pm and information on refund availability is to be confirmed.