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gate stand
  • soporte de puerta

Context sentences for "gate stand" in English

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Today, the historic gate stands at odds with the skyscrapers and giant shopping malls of the city, cut off from the remaining wall.
The school remains little more than a dream, its gates standing as a monument to bureaucratic bungling.
The original decorative iron gate stands in the arched entryway to the dining room.
A mighty forlorn gate stands at the end of the tiny trail rising from a gorge.
In front of the gate stood his grandfather, welcoming him "home," he said.
Now the gate stands incongruously at the new ground, shorn of purpose.
At the other gate stood four or five others, all waiting for dozens of schoolchildren who came in groups to buy the coned treat.
The home's large electric gates stood wide open and there were several black footprints around the front door and the entry to the garage.