"gather a group of" translation into Spanish


"gather a group of" in Spanish

gather a group of
  • reunir un grupo de
  • reunir a un grupo de

Context sentences for "gather a group of" in English

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Core aimed to gather a group of the best snowboarders, climbers, surfers, and wingsuit pilots on planet and film them, essentially, as actors.
Each congregation has an assigned day of the month on which to gather a group of volunteers, prepare a meal and share it with the guests.
For example, it was used to gather a group of patients who are all suffering from the same medical condition, but who reacted differently to identical treatment methods.
I'm looking forward to next year and hope we are lucky enough to gather a group of guys as wonderful as this group.
Saqib is now aiming to gather a group of residents together over the next two weeks to come up with an action plan.
Two autumns ago, she decided to gather a group of children in the evening after her play school hours to discuss stories ranging from fantasy to adventures and classic.
We had to gather a group of artisans to do the actual construction work because we did not have the money to hire a contractor.
If you have five hours to spare, gather a group of friends or co-workers and head to your local food bank.
Gather a group of family and friends and get on-course for a day of exciting racing action, live music and free kids entertainment.
Gather a group of friends and make holiday cards.