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gather daily
  • reunir todos los días

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As far as whether a group should gather daily quarterly or somewhere in between, there's a correlation between the scope of the project and the frequency of check-ins.
It should be manned by qualified climatologists who would gather daily information from international agencies.
They gather daily in anticipation of a positive response.
About 300 yards from the practice field, 700 construction workers gather daily to finish the team's new stadium, set to open in just over a month.
It is reported that people gather daily as the girl emerges on road to show her bold avatar.
It's the same reason why high-tech companies still have physical offices in which creative and technical folks gather daily.
The corner of the park is known as "the hot corner" -- a reference to the third base -- and a place where baseball fans gather daily to debate their teams' performance.
The phase two expansion, started back in 2007, will more thandouble the existing 750,000 square feet of space where over 2,300people already gather daily to work and learn.
In all these one question comes to mind, could it be just for the purpose of getting information that the free readers gather daily?
Now it's down to 110, and most members are older men who gather daily to chat, play pool, pray and have a glass of wine.

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