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gather momentum
  • obtener impulso
  • recoger impulso

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But what about traditional print as digital newspaper content continues to gather momentum?
However, if they get on a roll early in the season, this club knows how to gather momentum.
It is a dense novel, however, and does take a few chapters to gather momentum.
That retreat from the streets has, in some senses, undermined the police's connection with the public, and allowed some of these things to gather momentum.
The agitation for the restructuring of the country has continued to gather momentum.
While it's a nascent idea today, it is bound to gather momentum.
While the resource economy works through this adjustment, the non-resource economy should continue to gather momentum, driven by improved export performance.
While this goals-based model has been around for quite some time, industry adoption has only recently begun to gather momentum.
With the rise of the minimum wage beginning to gather momentum, high-end restaurants will be forced to cut staff.
A movement for a better bank deal -- with actual write-offs of debt -- will gather momentum as the year progresses.

Context sentences for "gather momentum" in Spanish

EnglishA social Europe must gather momentum around the fight against deregulation.
La Europa social deberá tomar un nuevo impulso a partir de la lucha contra la desregulación.
EnglishShould this trend gather momentum, it would be clear confirmation that our policy for Eastern Europe has failed.
Si esta tendencia se intensificase sería la más patente confirmación del fracaso de nuestra política con respecto al Este.
EnglishThe European Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, must do everything possible to ensure that the idea of a two-speed Europe does not gather momentum.
La Comisión Europea, como guardiana de los Tratados, tiene que esforzarse en lo posible por asegurar que la idea de una Europa de dos velocidades no gane impulso.
EnglishSo this policy must of necessity be a long term policy and like all long term policies it must gather momentum, taking increasingly firm steps.
En consecuencia, esta política forzosamente tiene que ser una política a largo plazo y, como todas las políticas a largo plazo, necesita ir creciendo, dando siempre pasos muy sólidos.
EnglishA great deal of preparatory work is going on, so we expect that the process will gather momentum once the finalisation of the national implementing rules is completed.
Se está trabajando mucho en los preparativos, por lo que esperamos que el proceso adquiera impulso una vez que se terminen de redactar las normas de aplicación nacionales.
EnglishI hope that Mr Crowley's report, on which I congratulate him, will contribute to this process and that the pace of progress to build a social Europe will gather momentum in Amsterdam next month.
Espero que el informe del Sr. Crowley, por el que le felicito, contribuya a este proceso y que el ritmo del progreso para construir una Europa social reciba un impulso en Amsterdam el mes próximo.

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