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gather pollen
  • recoger polen
  • recoger el polen

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Bumblebees exposed to a combination of pesticides were about half as successful at gathering pollen, used as food, compared to a control.
Gathering pollen for his art is something he has been doing for years.
Each of them has specific plants and habitats from which it gathers pollen to make its honey.
Forager bees can pick up pathogens in the environment while gathering pollen and nectar.
Bees go out, gather pollen and convert it to honey in the hive.
The worker bees -- the ones that go out and gather the pollen -- live for just five or six short weeks.
Her parents took her out and showed her how to gather pollen.
In turbulent wind conditions, bees were more stable when they carried weight on their legs -- as they do when gathering pollen.
However, the bees that had not been exposed learned how gather pollen more efficiently than their counterparts.
The honey comes from bees which gather pollen from fields of rosemary, oak, lavender and thyme.

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