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gather speed
  • velocidad de recolección
  • recoger la velocidad

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Attrition among pilots and technical staff is also expected to gather speed, with two new airlines preparing to start operations.
My only option of escape was going back downhill to gather speed.
Snails love rain -- which is just as well, as a torrential downpour delayed the start by 20 minutes, leaving ideal conditions for molluscs to gather speed....
The trend of celebrity offspring landing major fashion campaigns continues to gather speed.
And as you gather speed, you say the magic words.
The first 30, 40m is the driving phase when you gather speed.
The noise is a synthesised sci-fi hum, rising in pitch but not volume as you gather speed.
From here, the drops gather speed and quantity as they tumble downhill towards the coast on a 270km journey towards the sea.
The way they gather speed tells you they were designed to transport their occupants in serene comfort, across many miles, in very, very little time indeed.

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