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gather statistics
  • recopilar estadísticas

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As an agency for gathering statistics, what actually does this entail besides data collection?
In an attempt to ease suspicions that the law may lead to arrests, the letter tells parents immigration information will be used only to gather statistics.
It will be a long, slow process to gather statistics.
It takes hours to watch a single hockey game to gather statistics on one type of play, such as zone entries.
The conventional discourse around ageism would require one to gather statistics that indicate reduced opportunities for those of advanced age groups and then compare those between the two genders.
Numbeo gathers statistics from a range of sources, such as websites of supermarkets, taxi company websites, governmental institutions, newspaper articles and other surveys.
By logical extension, it would appear men are keen to "marry down", although nobody seems to query, much less gather statistics on, their matrimonial motives.
It gathers the statistics by monitoring over 1.6 million payment transactions.
Over the course of his career, he has gathered statistics on people from 166 countries.

Context sentences for "gather statistics" in Spanish

EnglishThere is a need to gather statistics, prepare analyses and, by means of conferences and other devices, create greater common appreciation of what we understand to mean by social exclusion.
Hace falta reunir estadísticas, efectuar análisis y mediante conferencias y otros tipos de mediación alcanzar un mayor entendimiento comunitario de lo que entendemos por exclusión social.

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