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"gather the evidence" in Spanish

gather the evidence
  • reunir las pruebas
  • reunir la evidencia

Context sentences for "gather the evidence" in English

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By providing hard evidence, cameras would save money used to gather evidence.
Data obtained from cellphones and other covert investigative techniques was used to gather evidence.
He feels the city did not give them enough time to gather evidence.
Under certain circumstances that review could become a formal inquiry and the commission has considerable powers to gather evidence.
Detectives continue to gather evidence and investigate the cause of the crash, including poring over surveillance video from the area.
One person is in police custody while officers continue to gather evidence and speak to possible witnesses.
The company said it would continue to gather evidence and would cooperate with police and regulators.
We must ensure that where they do, we have the intelligence capabilities to gather evidence and bring prosecutions.
And when gathering evidence, they have no right to destroy or damage property, unless of course the damage was required in order to gather the evidence.

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