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gather the information
  • recopilar la información
  • reunir la información

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And if it cost anything to gather the information, then there is a net social cost.
Applicants may need some time to gather the information.
Considering the tax dollars spent to gather the information, why ignore it in making policy that affects our food, agricultural land, trade and more?
Hint -- look at how many files you have and how many inodes ls much query to gather the information.
If it costs more than that to gather the information, the requests may be refused.
The discrepancy between the two sets of data lies in the methodology used by each site to gather the information.
The system has yet to release salary increase numbers from its other campuses, but is working to gather the information.
What resources did you need to consult in order to gather the information?
Prosecutors are reluctant to bring charges against police, because they rely on officers to gather information and serve as witnesses in other cases.
That's because in most circumstances, it is in their survival interest to gather information and help each other.

Context sentences for "gather the information" in Spanish

EnglishThe Ombudsman's right to gather uncensored information is sabotaged outright by the Commission.
La Comisión ha saboteado el derecho del Defensor del Pueblo a recabar información no censurada.
EnglishUse the following basic steps to gather that information.
Haz clic en Siguiente y, luego, haz clic para cerrar la ventana de verificación de conexión.
EnglishThis project has made it possible to gather important information on violations of human rights in the past.
Este proyecto ha hecho posible recopilar información sobre violaciones de derechos humanos en el pasado.
EnglishTo gather pricing information (without any obligation to buy), click on Book Now for the Ticket Type of your choice.
Para obtener información sobre precios (sin obligación de comprar), haga clic en"¡Haga su reserva ahora
EnglishThis will also make it possible to gather more information from countries that, unfortunately, do not yet have any data available.
Nuestro conocimiento es ahora mucho más amplio gracias a los redoblados esfuerzos realizados, también, en investigación.
EnglishThis will also make it possible to gather more information from countries that, unfortunately, do not yet have any data available.
Esto también va a permitir recopilar una mayor cantidad de información de países que, desgraciadamente, todavía no disponen de datos.
EnglishThe Commission's services have been used on this occasion to gather the information required to prepare a macrofinancial assistance programme.
Se han utilizado los servicios de la Comisión en esta ocasión para recopilar la información necesaria para preparar un programa de ayuda macrofinanciera.
EnglishUnfortunately there is no that would allow us to gather accurate information from the current Member States.
Por desgracia, no hay ningún acervo que nos permita reunir suficiente información de los actuales Estados miembros No obstante, es un placer escuchar sus comentarios.
EnglishIf you still want to connect to a hidden wireless network despite the risks, you'll need to gather some information from the wireless router first.
Para conectarte automáticamente a la red cada vez que inicias Windows, selecciona las casillas Iniciar esta conexión automáticamente y Conectarse aunque la red no sea de difusión.

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