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gather the material
  • reunir el material

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Bing took ten day tours to the front every month or six weeks to gather material.
It takes a considerable amount of time for the staff to gather material, and there is no public access to the central library.
She even hired a research assistant at one point to gather material.
It has largely completed the task of gathering material and listening to victims and other witnesses, including experts.
Upon registering a find on the scanner you then have to fire a probe onto the planet to gather the material.
During the search, agents inside could be seen moving through multiple rooms, gathering materials and taking photos.
This method of gathering material drew comparisons to library bookmobile programs.
The mentioned lack of focus on gathering materials is welcome.
While it will take some time to gather the materials and complete the necessary studies, construction could begin within the next two years.

Context sentences for "gather the material" in Spanish

Englishgather its material riches and spiritual energies so that everything that causes
vuestra nación reúna sus riquezas materiales y sus energías
EnglishThe agency's primary task is to oversee, monitor and gather together material regarding compliance with Community legislation, without going beyond this remit.
La principal misión de la Agencia es supervisar, controlar y recopilar material relativo al cumplimiento de la legislación comunitaria, sin ir más allá de esta competencia.

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