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gathered crowd
  • multitud reunida

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As he held court, entertaining the gathered crowd, fans circled on the quest for selfies.
At the finish line there were suddenly loose dogs mingling with the gathered crowd.
I also took several photographs of it to impress the gathered crowd.
It led to a raucous response from the gathered crowd.
Police officers also used loud speakers to make announcements to the gathered crowd.
The gathered crowd, which police estimated at 500 or more, led officers to close the street in front of the district office.
The beacon was then lit, prompting a round of applause to erupt from the gathered crowd.
The happy couple came out of the water to a standing ovation from the gathered crowd.
Tom's poem got a huge round of applause from the gathered crowd.
Volunteering in the community was becoming "unfashionable", which made it difficult for those people who got things up and running, she told the gathered crowd.

Context sentences for "gathered crowd" in Spanish

Englisha great crowd gathered in front of the palace
se concentró gran cantidad de público frente al palacio
Englisha crowd gathered around the star
se produjo una aglomeración en torno a la estrella

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