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gathered data
  • datos recopilados

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All of the gauges measured and gathered data on the amount of strain and stress caused to the pipe.
To protect patients from harm, she was a pioneer of health statistics and gathered data on infection and mortality rates.
The researchers also gathered data on confounding factors that could be associated with premature death.
They also gathered data on whether the participants were married and had children.
A wireless connection enables an automated transmission of the gathered data.
As per the opinion of the climatologists, annual mean temperature is increasing from 1871-1990, according to the gathered data.
A new study that gathered data from satellites had concluded that the home regions of leaders who come to power politically used far more electricity.
Step two: process the gathered data using criteria, mental steps, or mathematical equations to produce a result, which is abstract.
After analyzing the gathered data and doing some observations, the team will be handing over the suggestive measures to the city police.
Gross, who has founded and incubated many startups, gathered data from hundreds of companies to assess which factors had an impact on their success.

Context sentences for "gathered data" in Spanish

EnglishThe data gathered will be used to advocate better protection and programming on the ground.
Los datos recopilados serán utilizados para defender una mejor protección y programación sobre el terreno.
EnglishWill Article 286 also apply to personal data gathered under third pillar initiatives?
¿Se aplicará el artículo 286 también a los datos personales recogidos en el marco de iniciativas del ámbito del tercer pilar?
EnglishThat report was based on data supposedly gathered from the six most important fishing Member States.
Ese informe estaba basado en datos supuestamente recopilados por los seis Estados miembros pesqueros más importantes.
EnglishThe data gathered in the so-called old system must not be allowed to leak and fall into unauthorised hands.
No se debe permitir que los datos almacenados en el llamado viejo sistema lleguen a caer en manos no autorizadas.
EnglishI would simply like to have more data gathered.
Simplemente me gustaría reunir más información.
EnglishAre we already forgetting the SWIFT case, involving the transmission of data gathered by the US authorities?
¿Estamos olvidando ya el caso SWIFT, referente a la transmisión de datos recogidos por las autoridades de los Estados Unidos?
EnglishData gathered so far shows that up to 40% of pre-treated patients respond to thalidomide therapy.
Los datos existentes hasta el momento indican una respuesta al tratamiento con talidomida en hasta un 40% de los pacientes tratados previamente.
EnglishThe data gathered include disaggregated statistics on employment, wages and working hours for women and men.
Entre los datos recopilados se encuentran estadísticas desglosadas en materia de empleo, salarios y horario de trabajo correspondientes a mujeres y hombres.
EnglishIt used to be that this data was gathered for commercial purposes, but today, it can be of good service in the fight against crime.
Antes estos datos se recopilaban con fines comerciales, pero actualmente pueden resultar muy útiles en la lucha contra la delincuencia.
EnglishThe data gathered...
EnglishHow can the protection of data gathered by private companies be guaranteed, given that this diplomatic protection has not been assured?
¿Cómo puede garantizarse la protección de los datos recogidos por compañías privadas, si no ha sido posible asegurar la protección diplomática?
EnglishAfter all, risk assessments can be carried out on the basis of the data gathered to enable the right decisions to be made.
Después de todo, las evaluaciones de riesgo pueden llevarse a cabo sobre la base de los datos recopilados para permitir que se tomen las decisiones correctas.
EnglishI should emphasise that the biomass limit values currently in force were adopted in 1998 on the basis of data gathered in the 1960s and 1970s.
Quiero subrayar que los valores límite de la biomasa actualmente en vigor fueron aprobados en 1998 sobre la base de datos recopilados en los años 60 y 70.
EnglishI want to avoid a situation where the Commission, having gathered the data, starts imposing investment plans and ends up telling companies not to invest here but there.
Quiero evitar una situación en la que la Comisión, una vez recopilados los datos, empiece a imponer planes de inversión y termine diciendo a las empresas que no inviertan aquí, sino allí.

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