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gathered evidence
  • pruebas reunidas
  • recogió evidencia

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A heavy contingent of police reached the area and gathered evidence.
Officers interview three people who live in the home and gathered evidence.
The police took the fingerprints of the victim and gathered evidence.
We have visited the site and gathered evidence.
At the scene yesterday, the shop's entrance was cordoned off as staff and police gathered evidence.
There is no objectively gathered evidence to isolate beach sand presence or accretion singularly to this controversial technology.
The highway was closed for several hours while a collision reconstructionist gathered evidence.
The patrollers regulated traffic while the detectives and forensic pathologists gathered evidence from the scene.
Agencies act on secretly gathered evidence, then create parallel means whereby the case could have - or was - developed to avoid exposing confidential sources or methods.
In fact, the researchers reviewed previously gathered evidence about what helps prevent, not treat, lower back pain.

Context sentences for "gathered evidence" in Spanish

EnglishBased on the evidence gathered, the Commission will decide the details of its legal proposal.
En función de las pruebas recopiladas, la Comisión decidirá los detalles de su propuesta legislativa.
EnglishLater this year I will come forward with a communication consolidating the evidence gathered in our research.
Este año presentaré una comunicación que reúna todas las pruebas recopiladas durante nuestra investigación.

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evidence noun
written evidence noun
audit evidence noun
documentary evidence noun
material evidence noun
to evidence verb
to admit into evidence verb
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