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gathered momentum
  • cobró impulso
  • impulso recogido

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The issue of equal gender representation in dance's power roles gathered momentum in 2016.
Soon, what started as a mere rumour gathered momentum as people could be seen in groups discussing the supposed demise of the respected musician.
This criticism also gathered momentum within some sections of the ruling coalition.
My brothers kept some semblance of normalcy while chaos gathered momentum around them.
From there the idea gathered momentum via the power of social media and some enthusiastic friends.
The stock has moved up 20% in the past month as the sale process gathered momentum.
Christopher's late playoff run gathered momentum following an entertaining battle against galway.
From there, that was an idea in my head... and it just gathered momentum.
More revenue would come from advertising as the channel gathered momentum.
It gathered momentum towards the closure of the issue, sources said.

Context sentences for "gathered momentum" in Spanish

EnglishAmerica emerged from the crisis of 1992 and gathered this momentum through the deficits created by Mr Reagan.
América salió de la crisis del 92 y adquirió este impulso con los déficit de Reagan.
EnglishWith 250 pages of negotiating text on the table, the negotiations have not yet gathered sufficient momentum to come to an agreement that is ambitious and detailed enough.
Con un texto para negociar de 250 páginas sobre la mesa, las negociaciones todavía no han adquirido velocidad suficiente para llegar a un acuerdo que sea suficientemente ambicioso y detallado.

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