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gathered speed
  • velocidad recogida
  • velocidad acumulada

Context sentences for "gathered speed" in English

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As the train gathered speed, the sound of cut-glass tinkled authentically at the place settings.
However, as the train gathered speed, the passengers got alarmed and pulled the chain but the train did not stop, the sources said.
Yet the underlying decline that began 30 years ago has gathered speed.
The confrontation started like a slow motion picture but later gathered speed.
Since the train had barely gathered speed when the derailment occurred, no casualties were reported.
In the second half of the 1960s this uptrend gathered speed.
They leapt and called, amused by my shocked pleasure, then waved goodbye as we gathered speed and journeyed on.
Three hours later, the storm was located 165 kms, as it gathered speed at 24 kph.
Customer acquisition, however, has gathered speed with the firm bagging 65 clients over the past two years.

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