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gathered steam
  • vapor recogido

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But as the negotiations gathered steam, it was clearly not going to be plain sailing.
It was something the owners felt they could live with, and negotiations gathered steam.
The public and parliamentary campaign against slavery gathered steam.
It gathered steam worldwide in 2011, with some 300,000 women in 65 countries believed to have received the faulty implants.
It wasn't until mass manufacturing gathered steam, fueled by the national railroad and wider transportation networks, that the concept of a department store became viable.
Those hopes soon turned into fears of a clampdown on freedom of expression as a barrage of court cases against the film gathered steam.
As the momentum of electioneering gathered steam, this section could see the spectre of defeat loom large.
When radio astronomy really gathered steam in the 1960s, some of the interpretations of phenomena such as quasars and pulsars involved aliens too.
Even before the movements gathered steam, petitions on change.org for better amenities had been receiving popular support.
Raz said his company started seeing a rise in part-time positions in late 2012 and the trend gathered steam early this year.

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