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gathered strength
  • fuerza reunida

Context sentences for "gathered strength" in English

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And now they have gathered strength in numbers, and are staring defiantly at something, or someone, that stands unseen beyond the left-hand edge of the screen.
The threat of a major recession looms as headwinds have gathered strength in recent months.
The two men's bickering gathered strength innumbers.
They are united and have gathered strength to go through this.
I have gathered strength from fellow women of my organisation to continue fighting.
The sit-ins gathered strength over the next four days and eventually included more than 1,000 people filling the store in protest.
Few owners could afford to run them once the depression of the 1890s gathered strength.
Till now, the banks were not very upbeat about expanding to rural areas, as it was economical for them to expand till they gathered strength in urban areas.
And then the internet happened and it gathered strength again.
He emphasised that it was a small number of workers who had rioted initially, but the group had gathered strength and others were instigated to join in.

Context sentences for "gathered strength" in Spanish

EnglishThen Pharaoh gathered his strength (being disconcerted), and returned (having formed a plot).
EnglishIt has solidified during the last decade, which has meant that the role of the Union in the region has gathered strength.
Las opiniones se han ido acercando durante una década y esto posibilita que el papel de la Unión tenga más peso.