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gauge success
  • éxito del calibrador
  • medir el éxito

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Active customer participation in a scheme, and not just ownership of a card or fob, was one of the key measures used to gauge success.
Because no effort can be successful without the ability to measure its impact, it's necessary to determine metrics that are appropriate for the organisation to gauge success.
It's something to gauge success, some systems where investors need the perfect spot to invest and join their brand with.
Looking five years down the road, how are you going to gauge success?
Because unless we can define what this means, efforts at school reform will wander and drift with no way to gauge success or failure.
Other times it offers an opportunity to gauge success or progress.
The foundation would be full of touchy-feely types and there would be no market forces with which to gauge success or failure.
Surveys, workshops and one-on-one interviews will provide the data necessary to both gauge success and help inform the future direction of your formal mentorship program.
One answer is that no one should gauge success in life by adopting the measures of the northeast professional elite.

Context sentences for "gauge success" in Spanish

EnglishThese are the core tests, in my view, by which we should gauge the success or failure of the summit.
En mi opinión, hay ensayos decisivos que nos permitirán determinar si la cumbre ha tenido éxito o ha fracasado.
EnglishIf we were to use this issue alone to gauge the success of Structural Fund policy, we would pass a devastatingly negative judgment on it.
Si tomásemos solamente esta cuestión como baremo para el éxito de la política de los Fondos estructurales, llegaríamos a un enjuiciamiento muy negativo.

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