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gauge the situation
  • medir la situación

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Barnes said every 30 minutes the wind speed and humidity are checked to gauge the situation.
Ideology and practice are interdependent on core values for sustainable advancement and there is no research to gauge the situation.
It takes the vendor less than five seconds to gauge the situation.
Kathryn, not speaking the local tongue, has to use her photographer's eye to gauge the situation.
A person should gauge the situation and should know the consequences, because if the offender is armed, the offender might overpower the person or take revenge later.
First, gauge the situation and the individual and explain to them the special relationship between lawyer and client.
One should gauge the situation, and, accordingly, should act, keeping in mind the consequences.
At certain points in the conversation, ladies, you may find it useful to take a breath and gauge the situation.
What is certainly required is experience to properly gauge the situation in the first place.

Context sentences for "gauge the situation" in Spanish

EnglishI am glad that she also mentioned that the method chosen by Finland was being used in France, in which quite clear indicators are identified to gauge the situation.
Me siento satisfecha de que ella declarase que Francia hace uso del mismo método adoptado por Finlandia, el cual permite identificar indicadores inequívocos para evaluar la situación.

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