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gauge track
  • vía de calibre
  • vía del indicador

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He said if diesel-electric traction locomotives ran over standard gauge tracks, the speed of the train would be 160 kilometres per hour.
If diesel-electric traction locomotives run over standard gauge tracks, the trains will be able to travel at 160km/hr.
He also hinted that efforts are underway to replace the 3,500 narrow gauge tracks to standard gauge tracks.
It will carry gauntletted 1 435 mm and 1 520 mm gauge tracks, offset by 800 mm and thus allowing only a single train to cross at once.
But the disadvantages of a narrow gauge track soon became apparent.
The metre gauge track was ageing; he changed the speed at which trains could run on it.
Already, he said the corporation would take delivery of modern coaches that could run on the standard gauge track next month to facilitate the take-off of the train service.
Gaining entry to gauges tracked by investors is attractive to public companies because it provides a guaranteed shareholder base.
The concept of tram-train entails running services with specially adapted vehicles which enable travel over both light rail and standard rail gauge tracks.

Context sentences for "gauge track" in Spanish

EnglishCountries like Poland have unused broad gauge track.
Países como Polonia cuentan con tramos de via ancha sin utilizar.
EnglishDue to historical reasons, the track gauge in Finland and Russia is the same, but it is different from that in Europe in general.
Finlandia y Rusia comparten, por razones históricas, el mismo ancho de vía, que es diferente al generalizado en Europa.
EnglishSixth, the high speed rail interoperability of the Iberian network, by adapting it to the track gauge of the rest of the European continent, which will ease sky and land congestion.
El sexto, la interoperabilidad ferroviaria de alta velocidad de la red ibérica, adaptándola al ancho de vía del resto del continente europeo, lo que permitirá descongestionar cielo y tierra.