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gauge use
  • uso de calibrador
  • uso del medidor

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The storm's wind speeds were later estimated at more than 160 miles per hour; they broke the gauges used to collect such data.
The signs are aluminum, the same gauge used in state and federal road signs.
Most of the gauges used during the post-war era to weigh recession risk have lost their predictive abilities in recent years.
The correctness of the tyre pressure is as good as the gauge used to measure it.
A fund's risk profile is essentially a gauge used to match an investor's needs to their willingness and ability to take risk.
The result would be gauged using satellite mapping after monsoon ends and trees gains a sizeable strength and canopy.
Oyama's team found no effects on women's breast or uterine tissue, which they gauged using mammograms and ultrasound, respectively.
The vaccine preparation process did not alter the effectiveness of the vaccination, which was gauged using the strength of immune response that it produced in mice.
Researchers inflicted small "punch" wounds on healthy volunteers whose levels of life stress were gauged using a standard questionnaire.

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