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gaze lovingly
  • mirada amorosa

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Each night, when he was about to retire in bed, he would go up to the attic and quietly open his treasure chest and gaze lovingly at his money.
The two of them had to sit in a bubble bath and gaze lovingly at each other.
Here the team began to actively meddle with the human-dog relationship, to see if an artificial increase of oxytocin would compel dogs to gaze lovingly at their owners.
Not to gaze lovingly at the power station, oil refinery and bridge.
It's a day to gaze lovingly into your sweetheart's eyes and profess your total and complete devotion.
Were they meant to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes?
It's about that time, lovebirds, when the air will fill with the sweet smell of roses and your partners will gaze lovingly into your eyes after receiving the perfect bouquet.
If you're in the mood to sit-back and relax, grab a cosy cocktail and gaze lovingly upon the idyllic surrounding around you.

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