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gear bag
  • bolsa de engranajes

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I packed my gear bag for training later that evening.
I didn't think that would be last time he'd put down his gear bag.
Have the gear bag or gear out the night before.
One minute she'd be escorting some dignitary around the dressing room, the next she'd be stuffing jaffa cakes and oranges into the side pocket of your gear bag.
The registration cost is $60 and includes a babysitter's gear bag, comprehensive student reference book and a graduation certificate.
The battery is and removable, so in theory you could carry a spare in your gear bag when you're on the road... or just the charger.
A gear bag can be seen hanging from his left shoulder.
So better carry it in a gear bag or a pocket in your jacket.
Parents who allow their child to pack their gear bag before the game is over because they both don't know how to lose gracefully.
What is the most important item in someone's gear bag for an ocean race?

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