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gear pump
  • bomba de engranajes

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Every house with a water-meter already uses a similar principle (similar to a gear pump) to measure the water through the meter...
For example, they print a gear pump -- essentially a pair of enmeshed cogs in a tube that, as they turn, move fluid that is trapped between the teeth.
A 40.5-l/min gear pump provides the hydraulic grunt.
The internal gear pump is majorly used in mobile applications due to its capability in handling thick fluids and providing high efficiency compared to external gear pumps.
Hydraulic gear pump moves a high amount of fluid with a constant flow rate at relatively low pressure.
Positive displacement uses a mechanical gear pump to control flow.
The closed-centre hydraulics with piston pump system provides a flow rate of 123-litres/min output and a separate 44-litre/min gear pump dedicated to steering and auxiliary systems.
The hydraulic valve and gear pump work in parallel to control the pressure of fluid inside a cylinder.
Hydraulic gear pump is fixed displacement pump which has a set flow rate.
Technavio has published a new report on the global gear pump market from 2017-2021.

Context sentences for "gear pump" in Spanish

Englishreduction gear lubricating oil pump
bomba de aceite lubricante para caja de engrenajes de reducción
Englishgear-driven service pump
Englishgear-driven service pump