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gear selection
  • selección de engranajes

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Drivers will nudge the stick to the left for manual gear selection.
The only transmission offered is a six-speed automatic, which also features a tiptronic mode for manual gear selection.
The smaller two models come with a 38kph 4-speed powershift transmission, with a choice of automatic or manual gear selection.
The shifter "is not intuitive and provides poor tactile and visual feedback to the driver, increasing the potential for unintended gear selection," the report warned.
This allows the optimum parameters for engine management and gear selection, including coasting and deceleration.
Anticipation and gear selection is also really important as it allows you to hit top speed just at the right time.
This is the simplest and lightest type of transmission available, as gear selection and gear changing is solely the domain of the driver.
Additionally, with the 6-speed electronically-managed automatic transmission, gear selection is always optimised to enhance fuel efficiency.
Despite being a complete automatic, you can always choose to change gears via the gear selection paddles behind the steering wheel.
Torque reserves are mighty enough that gear selection almost doesn't matter.

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