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gear shifter
  • palanca de cambios
  • cambiador de marchas

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But it is shaped like a super bike fuel tank with the upper front raised higher to house the gear shifter.
Common complaints include limited footwell space, limited headroom for taller drivers, and a long reach for the gear shifter.
It was unfortunate we encountered issues with the gear shifter.
Luckily, the automatic transmission works well, and you do have the ability to change speeds using the gear shifter.
The gear shifter -- one forward speed, but many driving modes.
The dominating interior feature is a one-piece plastic centre console that houses the handbrake, storage and drink holders, as well as the gear shifter.
In a traditional racing bike, the gear shifter and the brakes are integrated into one component mounted on the handlebars.
Mechanics were spotted trying to put it into gear, fiddling with the gear shifter and the wheels.
Note also that there are some cheaper-feeling plastic surfaces surrounding the gear shifter and lower on the doors and dash.