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geared specifically
  • orientado específicamente
  • específicamente orientado

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First, it is geared specifically to startups in the healthcare industry, so it is a great opportunity for medical device companies and therapeutics.
The other is geared specifically to autistic youngsters.
This is a charming mobile that is geared specifically to entertain the child both visually and audibly.
Not only is this is geared specifically towards children under the age of 12, it also comes with certain "parental" assurances too.
Seventeen is geared specifically towards teens and the core readership is aged between 14 and 18.
With our high school staff, again we have video presentations and trainings geared specifically toward high school-aged students.
A popular engineering workshop geared specifically to girls is returning for a fourth year, and has been gaining ground since its inception three years ago.
It is constructing a building geared specifically to house a local brewery that is expanding and couldn't find the space it wanted.
The university is constructing a new residence hall, the 11th, and a 12th dormitory geared specifically toward upper classmen could follow.
But it represents an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs -- including those who can provide quality content geared specifically to the new platform.

Context sentences for "geared specifically" in Spanish

EnglishWhat we need are new ways of working and new forms of support that are quite specifically geared to this.
Lo que necesitamos son nuevas formas de trabajar y nuevas formas de ayuda mejor orientadas en ese sentido.
EnglishIt is therefore crucial to restore balance by establishing education and training policies specifically geared to young women.
Es imperativo, por tanto, adoptar políticas de educación y formación dirigidas especialmente a las mujeres jóvenes para restablecer el equilibrio.
EnglishWe have to produce a package of aid that is specifically geared to the SMEs, both financial and legal aid, so that the SMEs can actually transpose their findings into products.
Tenemos que unificar las ayudas dirigidas a las PYME, tanto la ayuda financiera como la jurídica, para que las PYME puedan convertir sus resultados también en productos.
EnglishIn your report you called on the Commission to promote more vocational training and education specifically geared to the activities of women working in the sector.
En su informe usted solicitó a la Comisión que promoviese una mayor formación vocacional y una educación específicamente destinada a las actividades de las mujeres que trabajan en el sector.

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