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gears grinding
  • engranajes de molienda

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I could practically feel the metaphorical gears grinding to turn my head and/or body in the direction of the next most threatening zombie.
That always gets the gears grinding, when the popular girl swoops in and steals your pretend boyfriend.
They point to its massive pistons pumping, its huge gears grinding, the controlled explosions in its vast cylinders, and they profess to be shocked.
And that, more than anything else, simply gets my gears grinding.
A sojourn up a clockwork tower, rusty mechanical gears grinding through ancient architecture.
Their boinging and clunking was a mechanical racket, the sound of gears grinding behind the backboard to ratchet up the score.
But it's one thing to see that with some emotional distance, and another to feel the marketing gears grinding blindly over the shattered remnants of your soul.

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